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God of War PS4 Director Admits Kratos’ Son Was Too Talkative in Paris Games Week Trailer

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God of War PS4 Director Admits Kratos’ Son Was Too Talkative in Paris Games Week Trailer

A calmer Kratos and a less talkative son.

Some gamers found Atreus, Kratos’ son, to be too talkative in God of War PS4’s Paris Games Week 2017 trailer, as he would comment about nearly everything that occurred during combat. Game director Cory Barlog said this will be remedied in the final build as the team overlooked Atreus’ talkativeness until they conducted some play testing.

During Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2017 opening celebration, Barlog got the chance to provide insights regarding the two-minute trailer they showed during Paris Games Week 2017. According to Barlog, the banter system was not ironed out when they created the trailer, so they accidentally sprinkled too much audio for Atreus.

“We were still building the system for the kid’s ability to talk in-game, the banter system as we call it,” said Barlog. “So Artreus in the game wasn’t talking a lot. So when we made this video, I was dropping the audio in without us having play tested it. So I [treated] this video a little bit like it was a giant play test of the world. So [when] we discovered as we sent it out and a play test was happening almost the same time as this was coming, we were like ‘oh man he talks too much. We need [him to] chill out a little bit.’ So it was a fantastic realization.”

Barlog also said that the Paris Games Week trailer highlights that God of War retains its frantic moment to moment combat and pick up and play aspect. The gameplay sequence shows that God of War on the PS4 still allows players to choose how to approach each battle, allowing them to use enemies against one another and utilize the environment to their advantage.

The best news that came from Barlog’s discussion is the game’s length, with play testers completing the game in around 25 to 35 hours. In comparison, all previous games in the series has an average play time of 10 hours or less.

God of War PS4 is slated to launch sometime in 2018.

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