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Little Nightmares’ Second Expansion, The Hideaway, Available Now


Little Nightmares’ Second Expansion, The Hideaway, Available Now

Step into the shoes of The Runaway Kid once more.

Little Nightmares, the creepy horror platformer with Tim Burton-esque visuals, has received its second DLC pack, entitled The Hideaway. This expansion puts the player in the shoes of the Runaway Kid, once again into the depths of The Maw. Here, almost everything is out to get you, except this time you have a few friends. This area of The Maw, the Engine Room, is populated by little creatures called Nomes, and rescuing them is the key to success.

It looks like these Nomes will add a new and interesting layer of depth to Little Nightmares, which already proved itself to be an extremely fun and challenging game. The Engine Room is the second DLC pack to grace our screens for Little Nightmares, the first being entitled The Depths. One more DLC is set to drop in January, too, which will complete the story of the Runaway Kid that has been told over the course of the Little Nightmares DLC.

The Hideaway is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, for just $3.99 – a good price for a decently sized expansion. If you’re interested in  seeing the story of the Runaway Kid in its entirety, you can purchase the Secrets of the Maw expansion pass for $9.99, which will get you both DLC packs and the final one when it hits in January. That’s three fully fleshed out new sections, with new mechanics and gameplay, for 10 bucks.

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