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Amazon Has Launched a New Storefront Called Retro Zone


Amazon Has Launched a New Storefront Called Retro Zone

All the retro games and accessories gathered in one place.

Ah, nostalgia. It has brought us many remakes and remasters, as well as mini versions of our favorite old consoles. But today it brings us Retro Zone, a new storefront from Amazon.

Retro Zone is a central hub to buy all things old-school, or at least when it comes to gaming. Players can search through “retro games” by popularity. Although the new Stranger Things game is featured, there are quite a few titles on the front page that are a bit older.

The other sections shown off are Retro Console Gaming, Retro Clothing, as well as Retro Books. There is also a section dedicated to toys, mostly new ones, that are based on the vintage characters we have continued to love through the years.

The prices range, of course. Some of the mobile games that are either re-releases of old titles or just have a cool 80’s or 90’s feel can be just a dollar or two. However, classic games that had limited runs can easily be hundreds of dollars.

Amazon has also teamed up with Flipboard to promote the new storefront and all things retro gaming. The articles featured focus on old games made new, pieces about older games or mechanics, and, well, you guessed it, anything with a retro feel to it.

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