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The Original Splatnet Service in Splatoon Is Going Offline This September


The Original Splatnet Service in Splatoon Is Going Offline This September

Another service is going offline soon.

Nintendo broke the hearts of Miiverse faithful recently by announcing its shutdown later this year, and today it’s crushing the dreams and aspirations of anyone still using the Wii U version of Splatoon’s SplatNet. If you’re still splatting around on SplatNet and haven’t moved over to Splatoon 2’s SplatNet 2, you’ll have to say goodby to the service as it shuts down permanently on September 30.

Don’t worry about Splatoon, as it’s still safe to play online. It doesn’t appear to be going anywhere for a bit. But you won’t be able to access SplatNet after that date. SplatNet was more than just a service to post messages and images, however, it allowed players to track match stats, weapon usage, and various other information about their time in the game.

The service lives on with SplatNet 2, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere at present, especially since it utilizes the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, which goes hand in hand with the Nintendo Switch Online service that’s launching in full next year.

So if you’re hoping to still be able to use SplatNet in the near future, make sure you do so before September 30 so you can still experience it just the way it was during the Wii U’s heyday. Pour one out for the Wii U while you’re at it, because it’s clear it’s being phased out pretty quickly, and how.


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