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Marc Laidlaw’s Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Is Coming via New Game Jam

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Marc Laidlaw’s Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Is Coming via New Game Jam

Keeping the dream alive.

A Half-Life game with the number 3 in its title is actually coming by way of a new game jam started by game developer Laura Michet.

Found on, the initiative seeks to bring Episode 3 synopsis lead writer Marc Laidlaw’s vision of the project to life. Shared just last week, the former Valve employee’s “Epistle 3” is a blog post written in the form of a letter with several name changes that you should be able to work out if you’re a Half-Life fan.

With submissions due in two months, the game jam’s one rule is to use Laidlaw’s script either “in whole or in part of a style of your choosing” to create something. Other than that, would-be developers are free to set the game in whatever genre or art style they want and use the script’s genderswapped characters or the original ones found in the franchise’s proper universe.

The project allows both those experienced with making games and those that are still learning a chance to be involved. Potential teammates can might up here to get started working together and those that want a clue on how to begin can find great tools to get them started here. The whole initiative genuinely feels like a means to creatively vent about the minuscule possibility of people getting a Half-Life 2 continuation. After all, if Valve won’t make it, what’s keeping Half-Life fans from doing it?

If one would like to join in, he or she would have to start right away, as the contest only lasts until October 31.

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