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LawBreakers Has Dipped Below 500 Concurrent Players on Steam


LawBreakers Has Dipped Below 500 Concurrent Players on Steam

Too few LawBreakers.

Despite plenty of awesome characters and raucous matches, LawBreakers is continuing to have difficulty retaining concurrent players. Only three weeks post launch, LawBreaker’s peak concurrent player count has dropped to 431 over the last 24 hours, which is a very disappointing number for a game that’s actually a lot of fun to play.

Around the game’s debut it was pulling about 2,500 players, but that indicated a very slow start as well, unfortunately. Boss Key head Cliff Bleszinski has previously stated these numbers don’t worry him, but it does seem that in the end numbers like these could potentially hurt the game, since it already takes quite some time to get into a game with these lower numbers.

If LawBreakers is going to end up continuing to compete with other more established shooters like Overwatch, it might need something like a free weekend or other free offerings for curious players looking to avoid the paywall for entrance.


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