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Former Valve Writer Shares Possible Outline for Half-Life 2: Episode 3


Former Valve Writer Shares Possible Outline for Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Gertrude Fremont, PhD.

If, like the rest of the Half-Life 2 fans out there, you were left wondering what’s going to happen in Half-Life 2: Episode 3 if it ever were to come to fruition, you might want to pay attention. It appears that former Valve employee and Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw has taken to his personal website with a new blog called “Epistle 3.”

The blog post is written in the form of a letter with several name changes that you should be able to work out if you’re a Half-Life fan, setting up what looks like could have been the entirety of the story for an Episode 3, if we ever ended up getting one, anyway. The story goes that Laidlaw originally wrote some sort of outline or draft for Episode 3 before leaving Valve, and this blog post in its entirety appears that it could indeed be it.

Laidlaw’s personal site is taking something of a beating right now, but if you’re looking to check out the outline, you can see it over in its entirety at NeoGAF. Here’s a brief excerpt, since this is huge news:

“08-25-2017 2:05 AM

Dearest Playa,

I hope this letter finds you well. I can hear your complaint already, “Gertie Fremont, we have not heard from you in ages!” Well, if you care to hear excuses, I have plenty, the greatest of them being I’ve been in other dimensions and whatnot, unable to reach you by the usual means. This was the case until eighteen months ago, when I experienced a critical change in my circumstances, and was redeposited on these shores. In the time since, I have been able to think occasionally about how best to describe the intervening years, my years of silence. I do first apologize for the wait, and that done, hasten to finally explain (albeit briefly, quickly, and in very little detail) events following those described in my previous letter (referred to herewith as Epistle 2).”

The post is quite long, but it’s absolutely worth reading if you’re a Half-Life 2 fan still looking for finality. The previous installment Half-Life 2: Episode Two was released back in 2007, 10 years ago. We’ve yet to hear anything official still about whether or not we should expect Half-Life 3 if ever, or if the series is simply over at this point, so even with this possible new information in mind we’ll just keep waiting, and hoping, and wishing for something other than radio silence.


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