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Nintendo’s Miiverse Service Officially Shuts Down on November 8

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Nintendo’s Miiverse Service Officially Shuts Down on November 8

The day the doodles died.

Nintendo announced today that its Miiverse service, the company’s social network only available on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, will be discontinued on Nov. 8.

In a statement on Nintendo’s Japanese support website, the service will end after five years since the Wii U’s launch. The company said users will be able to download their posts for a limited time from the Miiverse website, with details on how coming at a future date within Miiverse.

The Miiverse allowed players to post screenshots and doodles to game-specific forums. Some games took advantage of the service by showing users’ posts in-game, such as sharing comments on levels in New Super Mario Bros. U. Nintendo notes in the statement that all games that use the feature will not be displayed in-game once the Miiverse stops working for both systems.

Additionally, Nintendo is terminating its Wii U Chat and Nintendo TVii services on the same date. Wii U Chat was the system’s Skype-like video calling app, while Nintendo TVii allowed the Wii U Gamepad to watch and interact with television shows. Nintendo TVii had already shut down in the US back in 2015, and was canceled for European countries before it launched.


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