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Top 5 Best Kirby Games to Celebrate the Series’ 25th Anniversary


Top 5 Best Kirby Games to Celebrate the Series’ 25th Anniversary

Happy anniversary to the pink ball of fun.


We felt like we couldn’t discuss the most fun Kirby games without talking about that one time when he and his friends took to the tracks and participated in a racing game for the Nintendo GameCube back in 2003. Kirby Air Ride featured various tracks and vehicles to use in the main festivities of the game, but there was one particular mode in Air Ride that really took the spotlight and didn’t really involve racing for the most of it.

City Trial mode throws you and up to four players into a large map that includes a city, forest, volcano, and cave area that has tons of different vehicles that are up for grabs and can be destroyed and used to attack other players. Random events happen throughout the trial that mixes up the map and causes everyone to run around like chickens that got their heads cut off. The point of City Trial you ask? Well, there are power-ups all around the map that you have to pickup to power up your vehicle. Once the timer runs out, everyone is thrown into a variety of mini-games that include drag racing in which your power-ups will greatly help to succeed.

Running around the City Trial was always way more fun and comical than the actual game at the end of the mode. Air Ride will always be remembered as the game that made racing not too much exciting as say, Mario Kart, but did manage to do everything else right.

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