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ARMS’ Playable Final Boss Max Brass Gets a Trailer


ARMS’ Playable Final Boss Max Brass Gets a Trailer

Greatest champion in ARMS coming for free.

Nintendo has released an official trailer today for the first DLC character coming to ARMS, the company’s recently released fighting game for the Switch. Check out the trailer below to see Max Brass in action.

The trailer highlights the heavyweight’s move set and his personal arena, which will also be added in the update. The greatest champion in the history of the ARMS Grand Prix has the ability to resist flinching when hit, and his arms become permanently charged if his health is low. Max Brass has been in ARMS since its launch on June 16, but as the final boss in the game’s single-player mode.

Nintendo revealed during its Treehouse live stream event at E3 that Max Brass would become available to play in a free update sometime in July. No exact release date has been formally announced for the update. This will be the second update for ARMS, after the first patch added spectator mode and LAN support earlier this week.


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