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Injustice 2 Update Makes Unique Fixes To Characters and Stages

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Injustice 2 Update Makes Unique Fixes To Characters and Stages

Mr. Freeze got a bit too chilly for this next update.

Injustice 2 is coming up on its first month of release, and coming with that is a slough of updates from NetherRealm Studios. While an extensive list of changes can be found on their community forums, some standout changes help fix several bugs and issues.

One major fix that fans will be glad to see is the Captain Cold premiere skin of Mr. Freeze being given a helmet to his character model. After major outcry from fans not being happy with a helmet-less Mr. Freeze, NetherRealm studios listened to the fans and chose to add his signature helmet to the character model. No comment was made from the studio but it’s reassuring to see that the developers are focused on reassuring the Injustice 2 community that their voices are being heard.

A welcome addition to the UI also brings characters gear loadouts onto the loading screens during online matches, giving players the chance to see what exactly they’re going up against. Another slight change comes to the gear loadout menu, where gear that you haven’t met the level requirement for will be highlighted in red.

The June update for Injustice 2 will be rolling out by the end of the day so keep a lookout on your Xbox One or PS4.

Be sure to look in the upcoming weeks for the first DLC character Red Hood who was given his own gameplay trailer showing off some of his attacks as well as his devastating super.

We applauded Injustice 2 for its astounded level of detail in RPG gear elements, robust roster of heroes and villains, and an entertaining and memorable story. For more details, be sure to check out our review.

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