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Here’s What’s New in PS4’s Update 4.70


Here’s What’s New in PS4’s Update 4.70

Nothing too exciting, unfortunately.

Chances are that if you’ve turned your PS4 on today, update 4.70 is downloading or ready to be installed on your system. You’re also probably wondering exactly what the PS4’s update 4.70 brings. Well, unfortunately, it’s not a particularly exciting update.

PS4’s latest firmware update simply “improves the quality of the system performance” according to the patch notes that can be viewed on your system.

It was also noted over on Reddit that the system icons for things such as the PlayStation Store have changed. They’re only tiny changes, however, so you’re unlikely to even notice them.

It shouldn’t take you too long to download firmware 4.70. The update’s file size is 340 MB and in our own experience it was pretty quick to install after downloading, too.

In comparison, the PS4’s most recent update prior to this (4.5) brought a few major new features for the system, including 4K media playback on PS4 Pro, wallpaper customization, and external hard drive support for all systems.

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