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Top 4 Best Features Coming in PS4’s 4.5 System Update


Top 4 Best Features Coming in PS4’s 4.5 System Update

It’s time to get hyped.

External HDD Support

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One of the most requested features for Sony to add into the PS4’s arsenal of features was the ability to support external hard drives. If you’ve got one of the original 500 GB PS4s, chances are you’ve already had to delete countless games and then immediately regretted it and had to reinstall them. While, for the most part, reinstalling games on PS4 isn’t exactly time-consuming, it’s not the most convenient thing.

External HDD support coming as part of PS4’s 4.5 system update will allow you to download and store games and apps to an external hard drive. It’s worth noting that it does have to be a USB 3.0 hard drive and you will have to format it before it can be utilized by your PS4 as extended storage. Once it’s all set up, all games and apps you download or install will automatically save to your external hard drive as default. Finally, your storage woes on PS4 have come to an end.

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