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Someone Has Created a Petition to Get Far Cry 5 Canceled

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Someone Has Created a Petition to Get Far Cry 5 Canceled

“Enough is enough.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’ll likely know that Far Cry 5 has been announced and fans couldn’t be happier. The new US setting looks set to give the series a fresh new take, letting us do battle with a doomsday cult. Some people are not so fond of the game’s concept, however. A petition has been created asking the developers to cancel the game, telling Ubisoft that “Enough is enough”.

Cancel Far Cry 5

“We’ve sat through your multicultural lectures and your preachy games aimed at degenerates and miscegenators,” the petition reads. “Far Cry 5 is an insult to your fanbase, the Americans who make up the majority of your customers, and it’s time you woke up to that fact.” From this, and the rest of the petition, it feels a little like satire. As of right now, the petition has gained over 250 supporters, and most of the signatures are probably people joking around.

Further down in the petition, the poster has made a few points asking to alter the villains, plot, and this one about the game’s setting, too. “Look, I get that anti-Americanism plays in France, and I’m not telling you to give up on potential profits due to complaints,” it reads. “But for America, right now, Anti-Americanism is out. You gotta play your market. Change the setting to Canada for America.” It’s these kinds of posts that really make you wonder if it’s a serious post, or just someone fooling around.

Far Cry 5 is due to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Feb. 27, 2018.

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