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New Overwatch Hero Teased in Horizon Lunar Colony Lore

New Overwatch Hero

New Overwatch Hero Teased in Horizon Lunar Colony Lore

Gorilla Doomfist Confirmed?

Just last week, during a community live stream, Jeff Kaplan announced that some very interesting news would be coming soon regarding a new Overwatch hero and it isn’t like Jeff to make false promises.

“There’s also some really cool hero news just on the horizon, so hopefully people will be excited by that.”

Just days after his announcement; voila, Blizzard dropped a steaming pile of lore onto our laps. Before you get too excited, I don’t think we’ll be getting Doomfist just yet, unless or course Doomfist turns out to be a gorilla just like Winston. Though it may sound somewhat absurd, the community is going crazy with suspicion of Doomfist being a monkey; a young monkey at that.

overwatch new hero

Although nothing in the report hints to Doomfist, we do get some information about a character named Hammond, and it’s likely that he will be Overwatch’s next hero. Hammond is a younger gorilla, and he’s apparently the only specimen from the Lunar Colony that is unaccounted for, other than Winston of course.

A character by the name of Zhang hints that it was a bad idea to have a specimen that was smaller than all the others, so it’s unclear whether Hammond is a young gorilla or some other species of Primate. Either way, Blizzard tends to follow up their lore with teaser trailers, so hopefully, all of our suspicions will come to light soon. Until then, it’s possible that #gorilladoomfistconfirmed or something along those lines will be trending.


This post was originally written by Jesse Cecchetto.

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