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Report: Mini SNES Classic Edition Is Coming This Year

Mini Super Nintendo Classic Edition

Report: Mini SNES Classic Edition Is Coming This Year

But will Nintendo actually produce enough units of it?

If anonymous sources are to be believed, then Nintendo is planning to release a miniaturized take on another of its classic consoles later this year. Eurogamer reports that sources close to Nintendo claim a mini Super Nintendo will hit store shelves in 2017.

The unnamed sources claim Nintendo has already begun developing the shrunken classic games console and is targeting a launch sometime before this Christmas. No details about which games might be packed in or whether or not the hardware would stick to the same $59.99 MSRP of the NES Classic Edition.

Speaking of which, Eurogamer’s report indicates that the pending SNES Classic Edition’s release is a “major reason” why Nintendo permanently ended the wildly popular NES Classic Edition’s production run. Nintendo announced that it would forever stop building new NES Classic Edition units last week. At the time, it said that the retro machine was never intended to be a part of Nintendo’s long-term product strategy.

Of course, the system was so popular that it was never easy to find on store shelves. A secondary market quickly developed, with the hardware typically selling for triple-digit prices on ebay, where it is the auction site’s top-selling video game console as of this writing.

Nintendo also canceled the unit’s Japanese counterpart, the Famicom Mini, but only temporarily.

Responding to a Twinfinite inquiry, a Nintendo of America representative said the company has nothing to announce in regards to the rumored SNES Classic Edition at this time.


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