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Paladins Players Accuse Hi-Rez Studio Of Creating Pay-to-Win Environment


Paladins Players Accuse Hi-Rez Studio Of Creating Pay-to-Win Environment

Say it ain’t so Hi-Rez.

Hi-Rez Studio’s free-to-play online shooter Paladins has a fan following comparable to that of Overwatch in terms of devotion. Recently however, a large number of Paladins players are furious with the changes Hi-Rez has implemented with the most current update.

The reward structure of Paladins has been altered making it easier for new players to acquire certain weapons. Originally, players would accumulate gold to purchase a specific weapon, but now players must buy a card chest that distributes random rewards when opened. Another major change is the inclusion of a new form of currency called Essence. This can be used by players to purchase Legendary Cards in order to obtain high-end items.

The main issues Paladins players have with the new system is how difficult it is to obtain Essence and how the system treats new players versus veteran players. Hi-Rez has stated that it will reward new accounts with 36,000 Essence and will retroactively add 72,000 Essence to Founder’s Packs players currently own.  This allows new players to have a healthy supply of Essence they can use to acquire Legendary Cards which in turn will allow them to gain easy access to powerful items.

Veteran players on the other hand will have a difficult time amassing Essence as it cannot be earned by grinding and selling duplicate weapons earns players very little. So unless existing players purchase a Founder’s Pack, which cost $19.99, they will have a difficult time accumulating Essence.

Despite fan backlash Hi-Rez has stated that the inclusion of Legendary Cards and Essence are positive additions to the game. Only time will tell whether fans accept these new changes or leave the game as some Paladins players have done in favor of similar titles such as Overwatch.

This post was originally written as Preston Lewis Jr.

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