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Firewatch Officially Sells One Million Copies


Firewatch Officially Sells One Million Copies

Time to celebrate.

Firewatch has offically sold a million copies.

The developer of the unique narrative-based adventure game took to Twitter today to announce that the one millionth copy of Firewatch was sold “sometime late last year”. This is a major milestone for the small team. Firewatch is thier first release and came out early in 2016, garnering a lot of acclaim from fans and critcs alike. The title sold 500,000 copies in its first month and continued to make waves throughout the rest of 2016, even seccuring a movie deal to adapt the game into a feature film.

Firewatch tells the story of a man named Henry after he takes a job as a fire lookout. But as he adjusts to his new post something sinister begins to rear its head. The game is played from first person and the player guides Henry from event to event, interacting with items in the enviroment and speaking to Delilah – his boss – over the radio. The characters and plot are incredibly well written, breathing life into a seemingly boring job. The gorgeous art doen by Olly Moss also brings the world to life, as does the touching score by Chris Remo.

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Firewatch is available now on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4.


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