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A Firewatch Movie Is Happening


A Firewatch Movie Is Happening

Campo Santo is aiming for the big screen.

Campo Santo, the studio behind this year’s indie star Firewatch, is teaming up with production company Good Universe to create content that joins video games and cinema. The pair’s first project, as announced today, will be a Firewatch film adaptation.

“When we met Good Universe we were floored by how they recognize, cultivate and produce incredible stories,” said Campo Santo founder Sean Vanaman. “It’s rare you meet another group that shares so many of your values and makes the process of creating things even more exciting. We can’t wait to see what we make together.”

Set in 1989 Wyoming, Firewatch stars a fairly innocuous man named Henry as he takes a fire lookout summer job. Over the days, Henry, his walkie talkie, and his supervisor Delilah explore the beautiful forest and the not-so-beautiful secrets looming over it.

The game initially released on PlayStation 4 and PC, but will be coming to Xbox One on Sept. 21 along with a free-roam mode and a developer commentary audio tour update.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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