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Fallout 4’s PS4 Mod Support Is Finally Coming This Week

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Fallout 4’s PS4 Mod Support Is Finally Coming This Week

It’s almost time.

Following news earlier this month that PS4 users would finally get mod support for Fallout 4 in November, today, Bethesda confirmed it would be coming this week.

The news comes via a tweet from Bethesda’s official Twitter account included below. It confirms that mod support for the PS4 will finally arrive as part of Fallout 4’s 1.8 update later this week.

Unfortunately, no further details were revealed as to what else the update may include, or just when the update is likely to drop. On the bright side, there are only a couple of days left of the week, so the wait shouldn’t be too much longer.

Mod support for the PS4 has had a bit of an eventful journey. After a number of delays to the highly anticipated feature reaching Sony’s system, Bethesda released a statement in September that Sony would not approve mod support for Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition on PS4. A few weeks later, however, it was then revealed that the PS4 would receive mod support, but not the full-fledged version the Xbox One and PC were enjoying. Though it is limited, it’s still great to see PS4 owners getting the chance to mod their games.

Will you be jumping back into the wasteland to experiment with mods on PS4? Let us know down in the comments below.

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