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Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Newest Pokemon Is an Explosive Turtle


Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Newest Pokemon Is an Explosive Turtle

Insert a turtle and Pokemon related Terminator reference here.

Things have just heated up around the Alola region.The Pokemon Company has just revealed the latest addition to the Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex, Turtonator.

Turtonator is a Fire/Dragon-type Pokemon that appears to be based on the Mata Mata turtle. It’s Fire/Dragon typing means that Fairy type attacks will only deal normal damage to it but it also means that Turtonator will take super effective damage from Ground and Rock types.

Turtonator comes with a unique move called Shell Trap. Shell Trap sees the Pokemon placing a trap at the start of its turn and if the opposing Pokemon uses a physical move, the trap triggers and “deals much greater damage to the opponent.”

The Pokemon website reveals that Turtonator live in volcanic regions and feeds on materials found around the region, including sulfur. It also has a layer of explosive material made up mainly of sulfur on it’s shell which it can ignite with sparks from either its horn or tail.

A bunch of new Alola forms and the new region’s villain team, Team Skull, were also recently revealed by the developers.

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