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New Sorcerer King: Rivals DLC Lets You Become a God

Sorcerer King

New Sorcerer King: Rivals DLC Lets You Become a God

Why stop him becoming a God when you can become one yourself.

Whether you’re itching for some more Sorcerer King content or just looking to become a God listen up because recently on the Sorcerer King forums, Stardock announced the Sorcerer King: Rivals standalone DLC.

According to the post by Sorcerer King founder redskittlesonly, Sorcerer King: Rivals is being “designed to attract new players to the series,” and will include tons of new content such as two new playable civilizations, three new boss monsters, and almost a dozen new “handcrafted” maps.

Sorcerer King: Rivals also includes multiple new quests, which will feature more of the title’s light-hearted jokes and a brand new victory condition, where players can beat the Sorcerer King in his own goal by becoming a God. According to the CEO of Stardock Brad Wardell:

 “This time around, you, the player are able to collect your own Ascension magic in an attempt to reach godhood with everyone else having to try to stop you from doing so.  You and the Sorcerer King are now rivals.”

Rivals will also introduce a new Quest Editor that will allow players to craft their own quests by letting them write the quest’s dialogue, and set the decisions and the rewards. Players will also be able to share their quests via the Steam Workshop and download new maps as well.

Sorcerer King: Rivals is due to be released for $29.99 in late Summer, and players who already own the base game will be able to buy Rivals for $9.99. Pre-orders for Sorcerer King: Rivals will begin on Aug 25.


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