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Bastion Explores Nature in His Own Overwatch Short

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Bastion Explores Nature in His Own Overwatch Short

Chirp chirp.

It’s Gamescom, and that means that we finally get to see the next Overwatch short that Blizzard talked about last week. “The Last Bastion” focuses on the titular robot that we’ve all come to know and be frustrated by as he reawakens from a decades long deactivation. It also explains how he came to have the cute little bird that accompanies him and hitches a ride on his shoulder.

It’s not all cuteness and discovery, however. Bastions turned against the humans during the Omnic War, and their ability to morph into turrets made them a heavy force on the battlefield, which leads to some not so pleasant memories. No other members of the game’s cast are featured in the short, save for a brief cameo from Reinhardt. The whole thing is done without any dialogue, and made in memory of Yvain Gnabro, a character animator who worked at Blizzard and Blur Studios before he passed away in June.

Bastion is the fifth Overwatch character to receive a character focused animated short.

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