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Newest Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals the Game’s Villains


Newest Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals the Game’s Villains

New Team. Same attitude.

UPDATE: The English version of this trailer has been released with all the official names of the Pokemon and bosses shown.

Just like every other game in the franchise, Pokemon Sun and Moon will have a villainous team that the main character must stop. Nintendo’s newest trailer not only shows off this generation’s villains, but also confirms some Pokemon that leaked earlier.

According to a translation from, the new team is called Team Skull and in the trailer we get to see the grunts in action and what looks like bosses of the team. We also got to see the Alola form of Raichu in action and learned that both Meowth and Marowak havenew forms along with new typings. Alola Meowth is a Dark type while Alola Marowak is a Fire/Ghost type. The trailer also shows off three new Pokemon with one of them also having another form. The official English names have not been released yet, but we do see that one Pokemon turning back to its original form in the same battle.

It’s interesting to see more Pokemon from the first generation getting different forms. In fact, every Pokemon revealed to have a different Alolan form is from the first gen. We currently do not know if there are any new Mega Evolutions or if the Alolan forms along with the new Z-Moves will be replacing those instead. Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to release on Nov. 18 for the Nintendo 3DS.


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