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Pokemon Sun and Moon Is Giving Raichu an Alolan Form Too


Pokemon Sun and Moon Is Giving Raichu an Alolan Form Too

Look it all surfing on its tail like that! Adorbs.

Update: Nintendo has confirmed Raichu’s Alolan form.

Original story below.

Well this is certainly some electric news. Raichu, the evolution of fan favorite Pikachu, may be getting an alternate typing Alolan Form in Pokemon Sun and Moon, if a leak that is being reported on by Serebii is to be believed. Raichu, typically just a monotyped electric Pokemon, will gain a new secondary typing of Psychic. The combo of Electric/Psychic would be a first of its kind unless Game Freak has another one planned for Sun and Moon later on. Alongside Raichu, there are also some new leaked screens on the team you’ll be going up against, Team Skull,


That typing compounds on each other, giving Alolan Raichu resistances to Flying, Psychic, Electric, Fighting, and Steel, and leaves it with four weaknesses: Ground, Bug, Ghost, and Dark. Not the world’s greatest typing but it could be worse. Alolan Raichu also gets a new ability, Surge Surfer, which doubles its speed when on Electric Terrain. Competitively, this would probably be more useful in a team match where someone could bring it on for Raichu, but Raichu will probably be able to set it up itself too.

Stats and viability aside, I have to say it looks awesome from a design standpoint, all surfing on its tail like that; although I wouldn’t mind a mega evolution either. Speaking of which, it looks like we’re getting more official information on Sun and Moon soon and still no firm confirmation yet on whether or not Mega Evolutions will be returning in Sun and Moon. The plot thickens…

This new leak if true also confirms some other leaked information on new Pokemon revealed earlier this week, which you can also view on Serebii if you’re so inclined. How hyped are you for Alolan Raichu? Do you hate its new design and typing? Sound off in the comments, I’m interested to hear what people think!

Pokemon Sun and Moon is due out for the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18.

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