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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Has a Dark Souls Reference Hidden Away

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Has a Dark Souls Reference Hidden Away

A light found in the dark. Sound familiar?

As the final piece of DLC for the already difficult The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine naturally has some of the hardest fights in Geralt’s storied career. However, players brave enough to take down the Cloud Giant may just find a reference to the famously challenging Dark Souls series hidden in the dark. Courtesy of VG24/7, here’s how to find the familiar looking bonfire and how to get a cool weapon from it too.

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The Dark Souls reference can be found in one of Blood and Wine’s last quest lines called Beyond Hill and Dale past the Cloud Giant boss fight. Players struggling with this fight can check out our guide on how to beat it here. After beating the Cloud Giant, and celebrating, continue moving towards the castle ahead but instead of going under the castle’s arch and continuing the quest, vault over the railings to your left and drop down to another ledge. After doing so, you should see a path leading towards a cave and inside is the bonfire.

While the bonfire itself is a pretty cool reference, lighting it will net Geralt a level 46 relic weapon called Gesheft. In its base form, this weapon can do up to 627 damage and comes with three rune slots and offers 20% extra intensity across all signs.

This isn’t the only easter egg to be found in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine as the DLC also references Leeroy Jenkins and there’s even a Portal reference hidden away in the quest Turn and Face Strange.

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