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This Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Easter Egg Proves the Cake Is Not a Lie


This Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Easter Egg Proves the Cake Is Not a Lie

The cake is real after all…

A short time ago we mentioned that The Witcher 3’s latest expansion, Blood and Wine, had a pretty awesome Leeroy Jenkins easter egg. Well, now a little nod to Portal has also been found.

Shared onto The Witcher Reddit group by user Jayderpingtons, the image below shows a what looks like a companion cube with a crudely drawn heart on it. Not only this but within this same room there is also a chest with an actual cake inside. Looks like the developers over at CD Projekt Red like to play a little bit of Portal in their spare time. You can check out the companion cube in the image below. We suggest opening the image in full size as it can be difficult to see properly due to the poor lighting in the room.

Witcher 3, Blood and Wine, companion cube, cake

The easter egg can be found during a quest called “Turn and Face Strange.” We won’t say much more as to avoid spoiling it for anyone not that far into Blood and Wine yet, but as you can see in the background of the image above, looks like Geralt does a little bit of passing through portals himself.

What do you think of this latest easter egg in Blood and Wine? Do you now believe that the cake is in fact, not a lie? Let us know down in the comments below.

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