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Destiny April Update Trailer Highlights New Challenges and Rewards

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Destiny April Update Trailer Highlights New Challenges and Rewards

More enemies and more weapons to fight them with.

On April 12, a free update is coming for all players of Destiny: The Taken King. A new trailer highlights the new content it includes like new quests, updated Strikes and plenty of rewards to earn.

Over the past three weeks, official Destiny streams have revealed what will be included in the April Update. Players can earn skins for their weapons and armor, updated versions of several Legendary weapons and more.

This trailer also shows an updated Prison of Elders, which includes several new bosses and “Takenated” areas that have been corrupted by Taken enemies.

There’s plenty of new gameplay footage in the trailer that hasn’t been shown in Bungie’s Twitch streams yet. Check out the trailer below for a preview of all the new content.

The April Update is free for all Destiny: The Taken King players on all platforms. PlayStation owners will also get exclusive content including a new weapon and armor.

When the Director fills up with new objectives to investigate tomorrow, which will you try first? Let us know in the comments.


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