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Destiny’s April Update Includes PlayStation Exclusive Weapons and Armor


Destiny’s April Update Includes PlayStation Exclusive Weapons and Armor

Have a Zen moment.

The next Destiny update will bring back a lot of Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor from the game’s first year. Weapons that have been previously left to collect dust in the Vault will be upgraded to Year 2 levels, just in time for the game’s large content additions.

PlayStation 3 and 4 owners will also get some exclusive armor pieces and a brand new sniper rifle.

The PlayStation Blog revealed Zen Meteor, a PlayStation exclusive Exotic sniper rifle. This weapon has the unique Dynamite perk that makes every bullet an explosive round. If you get three rapid kills, the gun loads an additional, highly-damaging shot into the chamber.

This leads into the next unique perk called With A Laser Beam. The extra round in Zen Meteor will cause a massive explosion on contact, making this like supercharged version of the Firefly perk.

PlayStation owners will also get the exclusive “Essence of Darkness” quest that takes place in the Court of Oryx. The reward for this quest is the new Velumbra Sparrow.

Finally, Sublime Engrams can be turned into three new sets of armor. Each class gets its own set of armor, so keep an eye out for those purple gems while going through the new content in the April update.

The next Destiny update is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on April 12.


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