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Soulless Ditto Pokémon Coming to Stores in Japan


Soulless Ditto Pokémon Coming to Stores in Japan

It can see your soul.

An official series of Pokémon plush dolls with a hardcore case of Ditto-face are heading to retailers in Japan later this month.

  • Ditto-face
  1. The unsettling attempt at a face a Ditto makes after it has taken the form of another Pokémon

Ditto Pokemon plush

Ditto forms of Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Clefairy will be up for pre-order from Japan’s Pokémon Centers and Amazon Japan starting March 26, according to the Pokémon website. The actual release comes April 2, when these terrifying clones will be let loose upon the nation in full.

There will also be a Ditto Pokémon keychain series, in case you wanted to take Ditto’s empty lies on the go.

Ditto Pokemon keychains

In other news, The Pokémon Company recently announced a new mobile game called Pokémon Comaster, which from the trailer, looks a lot like a Pokémon version of chess. Meanwhile, the 3DS re-releases of Red, Blue and Yellow have set new eShop Records.

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