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New Pokemon Mobile Game Announced, Looks Like Pokemon Chess

Pokemon CoMaster

New Pokemon Mobile Game Announced, Looks Like Pokemon Chess

Gotta catch up on the Pokemon news.

A new trailer has released on the official Japanese YouTube channel for The Pokemon Company. It announces a new mobile game called Pokemon Comaster, in development by a company called HEROZ (translation vie serebii).

Not much is known about the game, but it should be noted that HEROZ is a development team centered around building AI for chess and backgammon games. This seems to be carrying over to the new game, as the trailer presents Pokemon as chess pieces in a card-like battle. Nothing concerning gameplay or what exactly the game is has been officially stated.

The game is set to release in Spring of 2016 for Japan. There has been no word on whether the game will see a release outside of Japan, which also will be the first do field testing for another Pokemon mobile game, Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Company has also been working on fighting game Pokken, set to release in North America Mar. 18. This is coupled with the recent re-release of the original Pokemon games and the announcement of a new generation of games, Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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