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Cities Skylines: Snowfall Gets a Price and Release Date


Cities Skylines: Snowfall Gets a Price and Release Date

Winter is coming.

Paradox Interactive has announced that Cities Skylines’ next expansion, Snowfall, is coming out on Feb. 18 and will cost $12.99.

Cities Skyline: Snowfall was announced two weeks ago with a trailer which you can check out above. The expansion will introduce a new temperature mechanic, which will see citiy electricity demands rise as the weather gets colder and the heating gets turned on. There will also be a new snow-filled map, as well as fog and rain which will both be available in a free patch.

The Snowfall expansion will also include the new winter parks, landmarks, and the long requested tram system. Players will also need to use the new snowplow service to prevent the roads from getting covered in snow, which will further hinder traffic flow.

Will you be getting Cities Skylines: Snowfall later this month? Let us know in the comments below.

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