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Winter Is Coming to Cities: Skylines in New Expansion, Snowfall


Winter Is Coming to Cities: Skylines in New Expansion, Snowfall

Things are going to get chilly.

Earlier today Paradox Interactive announced that they are working on a new expansion for their extremely popular city building sim, Cities: Skylines, titled “Snowfall.”

The Snowfall expansion will add rain, fog, and a new Winter map to the game although Paradox also announced on their website that the rain and fog weather will be released later in a free patch.

On their website, Paradox Interactive also revealed some of Snowfalls new features and buildings. These include expanding players public transport options to include snowplow services, easier management of existing lines, and the long requested tram services. The new snowplow service will be necessary too, because without it traffic will be stuck in place.

Cities: Skylines Snowfall will also include a new in-game temperature reading system which means that as the games temperature decreases, the cities electricity demands will increase as more people stay home to keep warm. Paradox Interactive did reveal however that players will be able to get around this by building “new water-based heat systems.”

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Paradox Interactive has yet to announce when Cities Skylines Snowfall will be released.

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