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Gamefly to Start Renting Out the Hard-to-Find Devil’s Third

Devil's Third

Gamefly to Start Renting Out the Hard-to-Find Devil’s Third

Another chance to try it out.

The NeoGaf  use 7DollarHagane found a rather interesting tidbit of information on GameFly’s website about the Nintendo Wii U exclusive, Devil’s Third. When the game originally released, Devil’s Third was never shown to be available for rent on Gamefly’s website, as physical copies of the game have become quite the rarity in stores and online everywhere. But now, if you head over to Gamefly’s website and look up Devil’s Third, you can now add it to you rent queue, and it shows a release date of Feb. 9 for the game.

With the game having released back on Dec. 11 of last year, it’s a little strange that it took Gamefly almost two months to acquire enough physical copies to rent out to their users. And with the physical copy of Devil’s Third being in such high demand and being kind of the diamond-in-the-rough-title for the Wii U, at least Gamefly members will finally be able to try out the the very sought after title.

If you were one of the few gamers that didn’t get your copy, now is your chance to try it out with a Gamefly membership.

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This post was originally written by Felisha Silva.

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