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Star Wars Battlefront Humiliates Boba Fett Even Further

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront Humiliates Boba Fett Even Further


Oh, Boba Fett. Star Wars fans love you, but you haven’t always been treated well. You’ve got one of the lamest deaths ever in Return of the Jedi, and in Battlefront, well…you aren’t given much better there. But this Battlefront match may lower the bar for you even further.

It’s one thing to get killed by a random X-Wing, but taken out by someone on your own team, and on accident? That’s just pitiful. This is why you don’t piss someone off before the battle starts, because then they decide to be petty.


What’s wrong with you, man? You’re a bounty hunter and one of the best in the galaxy! But apparently all of that was just talk, considering how easily you’re able to be taken out. Even the Jedi didn’t go down this bad during Order 66. Still, at least you had something to do, even briefly. Be lucky you aren’t in Captain Phasma’s taken that title from you after the newest Star Wars movie.

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