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2016 Already Has a Hero, and It’s Devin’s Star Wars RPG

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2016 Already Has a Hero, and It’s Devin’s Star Wars RPG

Devin has a dream.

“I have decided to take matters into my own hands and write a story in the star wars universe that will fit inside a RPG video game that I have not created” – our savior, Devin Tripp, 2016.

Devin has had enough. There is no Star Wars RPG experience out there that suits him, so he is thinking about seeing if he can make his own. Today, he unveiled Open World RPG “like” Star Wars Game, a Kickstarter campaign facing the odds and asking for your help.

Devin is honest.

“I am not a very good programmer, and I’m an even worst [sic] artist,” he says. This is why under Risks and challenges, he lists “hiring professionals” as one of his greatest setbacks. Also, “pleasing all star wars fans.” Also, “copy rights.”

But Devin is unafraid.

“I am currently looking into talking with Disney if I am able to do this.” — If anyone has Disney’s phone number or Skype contact, please send it to Devin.

Devin says that if Disney is not on board, he will probably have to “compromise on the name or some other parts.” But even if Devin must give in to legal bindings and rename his project “Shlar Wars RPG,” there will be no other compromises.

“It will have the graphics of ‘Battlefront’ or better with the feel of ‘The Witcher 3’,” he says. “The game and story will also have a lot of choice. You will be able to choose which side you would like to be on… Both in their own respects have their perks.”

“Speaking of perks: Like ‘Fallout 4’ there might or might not be perks in the game.”

Devin is a dreamer.

“Also no promises, but the backers that give for the $60 reward will get the game a day or two before original release.”

But that’s just how Devin lives – no promises. No yesterday, no tomorrow. Just the now. And in the now, he’s sitting on over $16,000 worth of pledges.

If you’re still in need of a New Year’s resolution, let it be this: live life like Devin, unafraid of society’s standards, or gaming’s standards, or the law.


Twinfinite’s legal team, along with Disney’s legal team and anyone who can spell the word “legal,” cannot advise an investment in this project.

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