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Watch Star Wars Battlefront’s Boba Fett Get Destroyed in the Most Unfortunate Way

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Watch Star Wars Battlefront’s Boba Fett Get Destroyed in the Most Unfortunate Way

That has gotta hurt!

There is no better feeling in Star Wars Battlefront than finally grabbing one of those tokens and becoming a hero for the first time. Unless your time spent with said hero is put to an end so fast and in such a cruel way, you just want to cry for a minute.

Well unfortunately for Reddit user amazedave‘s friend, this is exactly what happened to them. When they finally grabbed the token and became Boba Fett for the first time, they wanted to try out that jetpack ability. I mean, who wouldn’t? Not only is it incredibly cool to look down on your enemies below, but it’s also incredibly advantageous to rain down heavy fire from above with your pistol and rockets.

So once they finally emerge out into the openness of the map, Boba Fett takes flight to survey the battlefield, only to be met head on with a T-47 Airspeeder coming right for him. Now, as strong as heroes are in Star Wars Battlefront, not even one of them can withstand an Airspeeder coming at them at full force. And thus Boba Fett met his very abrupt end.

Hopefully, this player will have a bit more luck when he steps into the shoes of a hero next time round, but for now, we feel his pain.

What complete chaos have you seen unfold in Star Wars Battlefront? Have you met an unfortunate death like this poor player did? Let us know in the comments below.


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