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Meet Heroes of the Storm’s Newest Champion – Greymane


Meet Heroes of the Storm’s Newest Champion – Greymane

The sword is mostly just for show.

Next time you log into the Nexus, you’ll be able to try out Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm’s newest hero: King Genn Greymane from the Warcraft series. Oh and he’s brought the Worgen curse with him.

Greymane was originally announced back at Blizzcon, and his gameplay revolves around knowing when to switch between his human and Worgen forms. The reason for this is because Greymane uses his pistol for ranged combat in his human form and his claws at close range when in his Worgen form. This is highlighted in his passive “Curse of the Worgen” which gives him bonus melee damage when he turns into the Worgen.

When in his human form, Greymane’s Q ability is called Gilnean Cocktail, which allows him to throw an “unstable cocktail” at his opponents. This deals bonus damage to the enemies behind them. However, his abilities change when in his Worgen form. So while he is a Worgen, his Q becomes “Razor Swipe.” This move sees him lunge forward, dealing damage to everyone in front of him.

Greymane’s ability to turn in and out of his Worgen form mainly comes from his E ability. As a human, Greymane’s E is called “Dark Flight”, which allows him to leap at an enemy while turning himself into a Worgen. As a Worgen, he use his E ability to “Disengage”, which allows him roll out of melee range, and turn back into a human. This also happens to be his only escape move. When you couple this with Greymane’s lack of self-sustain, it becomes apparent that Greymane is extremely vulnerable by himself, and mispositioning yourself in a team fight will make yourself an easy kill.

So what do you think of Heroes of the Storms newest champion? Let us know in the comments below.

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