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Final Fantasy XV Gets Stealthy in New Gameplay Video

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Gets Stealthy in New Gameplay Video

Metal Gear… Fantasy?

Square Enix showed off some new footage for Final Fantasy during their Active Time Report presentation tonight. We also got a few more details on the game’s main antagonists, the Niflheim Empire and a date for Final Fantasy XV’s March event that will unveil the release date.

The gameplay shown tonight, has Noctis and company sneaking into a Niflheim military base. He has to stick to the shadows creeping past the enemy soldiers, and can use his warp ability to stealthily assassinate unaware enemies. After the group’s discovered an all-out battle commences, with Noctis jumping around from enemy to enemy slashing.

We get a look at some cooperative moves between Noctis and his allies, and even a shot of him jumping on a machine gun to blast away enemies. Finally, the trailer ends with the group fighting a massive suit of Magitek Armor and Noctis using a fire spell which creates a huge explosion. Hajme Tabata the director of the game talked about how the effects from spells will touch other things in the world, like fire spreading to any flammable objects like grass or wood.

There’s definitely a new layer of polish that’s been added to the game since the last time we saw it. Take a look at the new gameplay trailer below. Final Fantasy XV is currently on schedule for a release sometime in 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release date for the game will officially be announced on March 30 during an event in Lost Angeles.

What do you think of the new gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy XV? Are you excited for the game’s release this year, or are you still waiting for more information to make a decision?



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