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Jet Set Radio Gets a Real Streaming Radio Station

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Jet Set Radio Gets a Real Streaming Radio Station

Songs to Rollerblade to.

The best thing about the original Jet Set Radio game was its excellent soundtrack. Hideki Naganuma, Deavid Soul and other composers perfectly captured graffiti and rollerblading culture with their genre-busting tunes. Now, fans of the series have revived those songs for an actual streaming radio station. not only includes songs from both JSR games, but other songs composed by Naganuma and the other composers from the game. Similar game soundtracks like The World Ends With You are included, as well as some songs that would fit perfectly into a Jet Set Radio game.

The creator behind and Reddit user DJProfessor_K collaborated to make this station. The Jet Set Radio subreddit  is being consistently updated, so you can visit there to see the new features and songs added to this website. There’s also a button to message the DJ for song requests and shoutouts. You can’t have a good radio station without shoutouts.

Although this is an unofficial project, Hideki Naganuma approves of the fans reviving his classic songs.

SEGA might not be making a new Jet Set Radio game any time soon, but it’s great to see fans creating cool projects like this to honor the game’s legacy.


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