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Rumor: A New Ghostbusters Game Will Launch in 2016


Rumor: A New Ghostbusters Game Will Launch in 2016

I ain’t afraid of no game.

A new Ghostbusters movie is coming in July, and Activision are ready to capitalize on the popular franchise. According to a report from Sony’s Global Consumer Products, a new Ghostbusters game will launch alongside the film.

Retail Merchandiser interviewed Mark Caplan, senior vice president for Sony’s Global Consumer Products. Sony handled merchandising for Ghostbusters’ 25th anniversary in 2009, including releasing a new videogame for the anniversary.

According to Caplan, Activision are planning a tie-in game for the 2016 film.

“Ghostbusters” is also returning to video games. Already, the “Ghostbusters” sets are on sale for “Lego Dimensions,” a toys-to-life game featuring the classic building blocks and a new full-fledged “Ghostbusters” video game from Activision will release alongside the movie on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Activision haven’t confirmed their involvement in the project yet, but they are known for quickly releasing movie and TV show-related games. The company released games based on Deadpool, The Legend of Korra and Spider-Man in recent years.

If Activision is the publisher, who would you want to develop a new Ghostbusters game? Let us know in the comments.



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