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Final Fantasy XV Gets New Details on the Niflheim Empire and Antagonists

final fantasy xv, niflheim, empire

Final Fantasy XV Gets New Details on the Niflheim Empire and Antagonists

Here’s who Noctis will be facing down in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV’s newest Active Time Report aired tonight, and with it a host of new information on various parts of the game. One of those parts detailed was the Niflheim Empire, which according to Hajime Tabata the director of the game is Noctis’ biggest enemy.

Tabata set the scene for the Niflheim Empire at the start of the game. Niflheim is a militaristic empire focused on mechanization and technology. At the start of XV they’ve already conquered much of the world, with the exception of Lucis the kingdom in which Noctis and party reside. Lucis has been worn down though, and is basically a final bastion against the forces of Niflheim.

Tabata then went on to detail the difference between the two countries. Lucis is focused on gaining their power through magic, and using that to protect themselves. Niflheim on the other hand is a mechanized country, using numbers and technology to overwhelm their opponents. Infantry and soldiers in Niflheims army are all mechanized, with generals and officers above them being human.

The stream also introduced some new characters from the empire. First up, was Iedolas Aldercapt, the man basically serving as the Emperor although he’s retired for the most part at this point.

final fantasy xv iedolas

Another character unveiled was Ardyn Izunia, a mysterious man in the command structure of Niflheim basically pulling the strings. Tabata says that Ardyn will play a very important role in the story of XV.

final fantasy xv, ardyn antagonist, villain, character

General Glauca was another character talked about. The leader of the military of Niflheim, not much was mentioned about him beyond this.

final fantasy xv, general, glauca, antagonist, villain, niflheim

One more character was talked about, with that being the Dragoon Aranea Highwind. Because of her skill in aerial combat, she’s become known as the Dragoon in the military. Highwind is a commander of a mercenary like unit within the Niflheim Empire, although her exact role is unknown right now.

final fantasy xv, dragoon, highwind, niflheim, antagonist, villain

Tabata ended the Niflheim portion of the presentation by saying that we still haven’t seen all of the characters at play within the Niflheim Empire.

Final Fantasy XV will have another even in march giving us even more details on the game and a release date. What do you think of the characters we’ve seen so far for Final Fantasy XV? Any one’s that have piqued your interest? Tell us down in the comments below.


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