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The Squid Sisters from Splatoon Performed Live in Concert


The Squid Sisters from Splatoon Performed Live in Concert

If a pop star performs live and doesn’t exist, does it make a sound?

Every time players boot up Splatoon, they’ll catch a small newscast, hosted by the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie. Yes, put that together, and it’s calamari, but that’s not important right now. They’re pop sisters full of charm and sassy comments, but they’ve always stayed in the game, but that all changed recently.

A software known as Vocaloid began making cultural shifts in Japanese pop culture, and, soon after its arrival, virtual pop idols began to put on concerts. Of course, they’re just holograms of these 3D-rendered pop stars, but people go to these concerts nevertheless. There’s a new virtual diva duo on the scene, though.

As Callie and Marie are well-known pop stars within the Splatoon universe, Nintendo deemed it the right time to put on a concert of their own. At the 2016 Niconico Tokaigi, a large gaming event in Japan, holograms of the Squid Sisters put on a half-hour show, singing along to various songs from the increasingly popular Wii U game.

While Vocaloids have a history of being collaborative efforts between the entire population of people who used the software, other virtual divas like Hatsune Miku have just sort of taken on a life of their own. It’s simple, it’s profitable, and it’s kind of charming, even though it can seem pretty strange.

Do you think the Squid Sisters performance is awesome or just plain weird? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

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