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Sucker Punch Celebrates Sly Cooper 20th Anniversary… But It’s Not What You’re Hoping For


Sucker Punch Celebrates Sly Cooper 20th Anniversary… But It’s Not What You’re Hoping For

Sly Cooper is back with 20th anniversary merch.

Earlier today on the PlayStation Blog, Andrew Goldfarb of Sucker Punch Productions (Ghost of Tsushima, Infamous) talked about the studio’s plans for the 20th anniversary of the Sly Cooper franchise. It has been nearly nine and a half years since the last game in this series launched, and it looks like fans of the master thief will have to wait longer yet.

Before jumping into the announcements for the 20th anniversary celebration, Goldfarb took a look back at past Sly Cooper titles with fellow Sucker Punch Productions employees.

Senior Technical Artist, Rob McDaniel reminisced about using Legos as prototypes for level design in the original game.

Co-Founder of the studio, Brian Fleming talked about his favorite part of the first game as well as the surprisingly small size of the team,

Favorite moment? The ending of Sly 1 – that’s gotta be one of my favorite sequences we’ve ever shipped! The final bit with the 10-second head-start is perfection. Finally, I remember how small the team was! The 25 of us in the credits was the entire studio, including our testers and the office staff! Seems a long time ago!

As for the celebration of the anniversary, it looks like Sucker Punch Productions is releasing some commemorative art in the form of a poster, a t-shirt, and a nine-inch-tall Sly Cooper plush that comes with a cane that attaches to the stuffed character’s hand with a magnet.

Pre-orders for the art piece (an 18×24 poster) and the t-shirt are both available on the PlayStation Gear Store right now. The Plush will be available at Fangamer early next year, but you can sign up for in-stock alerts right now so to be alerted as soon as the item becomes available. Images of the merch can be found down below.

No news about a new game or a remake of the PS2 titles was discussed in the PlayStation Blog post.

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