Daily Free Boxes and Guaranteed Encounters Coming to Pokemon Go

daily box

Today, it was announced that two new features in Pokemon Go will be tested in the upcoming months to enhance gameplay: daily guaranteed Pokémon encounters and Daily Free Boxes.

First, a limited group of players will soon be given a special kind of Incense from Professor Willow. This Incense will attract a Pokemon once per day, giving you at least one guaranteed encounter each day you play in order to maintain your streak.

The special Incense will automatically be activated, meaning it won’t appear in your bag. Additionally, the Pokemon that appears will only show up for you; other players won’t be able to see it on the map.

Second, a limited number of players will soon be able to receive a free box in the item shop each day. To claim the daily free box, players who are selected can navigate to the shop and find it in the “Free” section.

The daily free box will contain different items each day. A notification will appear over the shop icon if there is a free box that is ready to be claimed.

Only a small number of Pokemon Go players will receive these two new features at first. As Niantic continues to test them, they will be rolled out to a greater number of players over the upcoming months.

This is just one of many changes to Pokemon Go made recently in order to make the game more enjoyable: Pokemon GO Fest 2020 will be held remotely for all players worldwide.

There are also other fun happenings soon in Pokemon Go, such as the addition of Mega Evolution and Galarian Farfetch’d and a Solstice event.

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