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How to Complete Train Tracks in Warzone 2 DMZ

You'll be on track to complete DMZ's Train Tracks with this guide.

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Warzone 2 DMZ mode may still be in Beta, but there’s no shortage of missions and objectives for fans of the mode to complete. One such mission is called Train Tracks and has been causing a headache for some players. Here’s everything you need to know about completing the Train Tracks mission in Warzone 2 DMZ.

Warzone 2 DMZ Train Tracks Mission

Unlocking the Mission

The Train Tracks Mission is the Tier 2 Story Mission in the White Lotus Faction, meaning it won’t be a selectable mission for those who haven’t already ploughed a considerable amount of time into DMZ.

Players need to have completed the Untraceable DMZ mission to unlock the White Lotus Faction. They must then complete five of the six Tier 2 missions within White Lotus to unlock Train Tracks.

All Train Tracks Tasks

Like a lot of DMZ missions, there’s three tasks for players to complete in the Train Tracks mission. They center on looting, moving around Al Mazrah and planting tracking devices.

  • Take 9 tracking devices from the Dead Drop in Al Bagra Fortress
  • Navigate onto the Cargo Train in the same deployment
  • Plant at least 5 trackers on the train’s cargo containers

Taking 9 tracking devices from Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop

The first task requires players to go to the Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop. Naturally, this is located on Al Bagra Fortress, the large island off the southern coast of Al Mazrah.

The Dead Drop is identifiable as a white dumpster, familiar to any DMZ players who’ve visited one before. In Al Bagra Fortress, it’s located to the south east of the POI, between two buildings and circled on the map below.

Warzone 2 Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Navigating onto the Cargo Train in the same deployment

The second task requires players to move to the Cargo Train. This is self-explanatory, simply requiring players to board the train that makes it way round the Al Mazrah map in a clockwise direction during matches. It’s easy to locate and players need only travel to wherever it is to complete this second task.

Planting 5 trackers on the train’s cargo containers

The third and final objective simply requires players to plant five of the trackers they previously acquired on to containers on the train. The containers are large wooden boxes and, when players approach them, they’ll be given the option to interact and plant a tracker. Doing this on five different ones will complete the Train Tracks mission.

Warzone 2 DMZ images showing Cargo Train location and containers
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Note that it must be done in one deployment – players cannot die between collecting the tracking devices from the Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop and planting them on the train.

Train Tracks Mission DMZ Rewards

Like every DMZ mission, the rewards are solid. There’s even more XP on the line though, given Train Tracks is a Tier 2 Story Mission.

Players will receive 15,000 XP and the Bullets Calling Card for successfully completing Train Tracks DMZ mission.

That’s all there is to know about Train Tracks in Warzone 2 DMZ. Be sure to stay tuned to Twinfinite for all the latest CoD content as we approach Season 3 Reloaded and beyond.

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