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5 Games Like Final Fantasy 7 Remake If You’re Looking For Something Similar


5 Games Like Final Fantasy 7 Remake If You’re Looking For Something Similar

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has finally arrived and it has more than lived up to the crazy hype surrounding it. The reason it is so great is because not only is it retelling one of the greatest video game stories ever told, it features a combat system that is very unique, blending elements of action and traditional JRPG combat. Finding a game that matches 1:1 to it is pretty much impossible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get close. Here are five games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake if you’re looking for something similar.

NieR: Automata

Games Like Final Fantasy 7 Remake

games like final fantasy 7 remake

Of all the games on this list, NieR: Automata is probably the one that comes closest to hitting every beat that Final Fantasy 7 Remake does.

NieR: Automata has fast-paced ARPG action that occasionally infuses elements from other genres.

It also has an engrossing story that is among the most critically acclaimed this entire generation. It’s a tale about robots in a post-apocalyptic world and explores what it means to be alive and to suffer.

While few games can top the visuals and sounds that are on display in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, NieR: Automata features one of the best soundtracks this generation and isn’t a slouch visually either.

All these things combined to make it one of our top games of 2017, and if you’re looking for another S-Tier modern RPG to play after Final Fantasy 7 Remake, NieR: Automata should be your first stop.

Final Fantasy XV

Games Like Final Fantasy 7 Remake

games like final fantasy 7 remake

After NieR: Automata, the next closest game is probably the last numbered Final Fantasy game to come out: Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV drove the numbered titles fully into the ARPG genre and also experimented with lots of other new features as well, such as an open-world filled with side quests and dungeons to explore.

If we’re being honest, Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s combat feels like a more refined version of what is in Final Fantasy XV, so it might be hard going a little backwards in that department; that said, it’s certainly passable.

As of 2020, your best bet is to pick up a complete edition which includes all of the game’s DLC as it greatly enhances and helps the story make a lot more sense. When you put all the pieces that were originally missing at launch together, Final Fantasy 15’s story improves massively, and has some staying power.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Games Like Final Fantasy 7 Remake

games like final fantasy 7 remake

If you’re a fan of action combat and the work of Square Enix game director Tetsuya Nomura, then Kingdom Hearts 3 should be right up your alley if you can get down with its premise of traditional JRPG characters working together with heroes from the Disney universe to stop an evil secret society.

It’s a little bizarre to say the last, but there’s a reason it’s as popular as it is: it just works for some reason.

If you’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game though, it may be difficult to start with the third numbered game as it requires a lot of background knowledge across many games to understand what’s fully going on. We highly suggest reading our primer for everything that happened before Kingdom Hearts 3 before jumping in.

Keep in mind that like Final Fantasy XV, the action combat isn’t as well developed or in-depth as Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s but, honestly, that’s not really the main draw anyway, it’s the story and characters that will make or break Kingdom Hearts 3 for you.

Tales of Berseria

Games Like Final Fantasy 7 Remake

If you like the bleaker tone and setting of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and are down with the action combat, Tales of Berseria might be a good pick.

Tales of Berseria, despite the dramatically different art style, does share a lot in common with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, aside from just being another action-RPG that lets you swap between party members in battle.

For example, what fans of FF7 Remake might especially enjoy are the deep customization features in Tales of Berseria that will remind them of materia and abilities.

Each character can learn various abilities and combos that can be swapped in and out via the DualShock 4’s face buttons. Also, each character has a super ability reminiscent of limit breaks that can be used to swing the tide in battle.

Throughout the game, you’ll learn more abilities and as the story progresses, you’ll have even more control over customizing your character’s battle style than you did in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Monster Hunter: World

Games Like Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The last game on this list, Monster Hunter: World is admittedly probably the least like Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It’s not story driven, it’s not super linear, and it’s focus is on multiplayer combat.

That said, it does feature tactical action-RPG combat with extremely impressive visuals and dramatic boss fights that will push your strategy and skills to their limits.

Maybe after playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake you don’t want to go through another long JRPG story, but you do want to mess around with another deep and rewarding game that values players that are skillful in action-RPG combat.

Monster Hunter: World is definitely a game worth considering then if all of that is speaking to you.

That does it for our recommendations for games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake. For more tips, tricks, and FAQs answered, definitely check our our Final Fantasy 7 Remake wiki guide.

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