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The Clearest, Most Concise, Kingdom Hearts Summary to Get You Ready For KH3


The Clearest, Most Concise, Kingdom Hearts Summary to Get You Ready For KH3

Kingdom Hearts Story Recap

Kingdom Hearts’ Story

Kingdom Hearts is a series that takes place over nearly 2o years of video games, spread out across different consoles, handhelds, and mobile games.

If you haven’t been following it all these years, you might find yourself a bit confused when you try to jump into Kingdom Hearts 3.

However, if you’re wanting to catch up ahead of time, we have you covered. We’ll walk through the major plot points and need-to-know story from each Kingdom Hearts game, in order to help get you ready for the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3.

Do note, however, that we won’t be covering every single thing in the Kingdom Hearts story, but rather the major beats that are most relevant to understanding Kingdom Hearts 3 the best. We’re also going to go through each game based on their order in the timeline, like you can see in the image above, used at E3 2015 by Square Enix.

Additionally, when Kingdom Hearts 3 launches on Jan. 29 a patch will add in “Memory Archive” videos that will serve as recaps and summaries of the events of past games.

Also finally before we dive in: Obvious Spoilers Are Obvious!! We’re going to be going over everything. Do not read further if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Kingdom Hearts Story Recap

Kingdom Hearts Union X [cross] and Back Cover

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts lore says that once upon a time the denizens of the world lived alongside an entity of boundless knowledge and light, known as Kingdom Hearts.

This entity was protected by a weapon known as the X-Blade, that protected the power of light from evil. The denizens, wanting more power and knowledge, started creating their own Keyblades in the image of the X-Blade, and so started the Keyblade War.

In the end, the X-Blade was shattered, Kingdom Hearts lost, and the world split into pieces.

Foretellers, Unions, and the Keyblade War

The Foretellers are a group of Keyblade Masters each given a task by the Master of Masters, and they lead the five Unions you can join in Unchained and Union X.

The discord between these five is ultimately what starts the Keyblade War, but a secret group created by Master Ava, known as the Dandelions, is what allowed the light to stay alive and rebuild the world.

What Is Chirithy?

Chirithy is one of the major characters in Unchained X and Union X[cross] and he serves as a guide and helper for your Keyblade wielders.

These little creatures are created by the Master of Masters, and they’re beings of light assigned to each Keyblade wielder. However, if a wielder falls to darkness their Chirithy will turn into a nightmare.

We know that Chirithy will be appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3, although we don’t know its role.

The Master of Masters and the Black Box

In addition to the five Foretellers, the Master had a sixth apprentice named Luxu that he assigned a special task. Both characters wear the enigmatic black coat of Organization XIII, and we know very little about their characters besides that.

The Master writes the Book of Prophecies that tells all of the events of the future. He gives a copy to each Foreteller, but Luxu instead gets a massive mysterious Black Box and the Master’s Keyblade, No Name, which is also Xehanort’s Keyblade.

We don’t know the purpose of the box, but Luxu’s task is to keep it safe and keep a line of Keyblade wielders alive into the future. KH 3 trailers have shown that Xehanort and the Dark Seekers are searching for the Black Box.

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