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5 Crazy Theories About Who Kingdom Hearts’ Master of Masters Is


5 Crazy Theories About Who Kingdom Hearts’ Master of Masters Is

Theories About Kingdom Hearts’ Master of Masters

Who Is the Master?

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*Spoiler Warning* It should be said that in order to discuss the Master of Masters and potential theories, we’ll have to cover spoilers from the Kingdom Hearts series. Every game has been out for years, at least, but if you’re trying to catch up for Kingdom Hearts 3, here’s your warning.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is rife with crazy lore, including time travel, digital copies of people, Nobodies, Somebodies, and much more. It’s all fascinating stuff if you really dig into it, but some of the more unknown lore of the series deals with events in the far past, like with Unchained X and the movie Back Cover.

Out of everything in the series, however, there’s nothing quite as enigmatic or exciting as the Master of Masters.

This mysterious character was first introduced in the browser-based game Kingdom Hearts χ, and absolutely stole the show in Kingdom Hearts 2.8’s Back Cover with a stellar performance from Ray Chase, also known as the voice of Noctis in Final Fantasy XV.

The character wears the iconic black Organization XII cloak, but we never see his face. The character wrote the Book of Prophecies and recruited six different apprentices.

Ira, Aced, Invi, Gula, and Ava went on to become the Foretellers and created the Unions you’re a part of in Unchained X and Union [cross]. Meanwhile, the Master gave a secret task to his sixth apprentice, Luxu, along with a massive mysterious black box.

Outside of all that we know that the Master has the same Keyblade that Xehanort uses and in Kingdom Hearts 3 Xehanort and his Dark Seekers are looking for a giant black box. Through various other bits and pieces, the Kingdom Hearts community has formulated quite a few different theories on who this mysterious character is.

Tetsuya Nomura went on the record with Famitsu in 2018, saying that the Master won’t appear in Kingdom Hearts 3, but he wouldn’t elaborate any further. Still, all evidence indicates that this character is somehow very important to the overall lore and story of the franchise.

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best theories out there, and we’ll go into detail on each.

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