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How Well Do You Really Know One Piece? Take the Quiz

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How Well Do You Really Know One Piece? Take the Quiz

Are you a true pirate or a marine scoundrel?

1 What is believed to be the “ultimate” Devil Fruit in the One Piece Universe?
Tremor-Tremor Fruit
Gum-Gum Fruit
Dark-Dark Fruit
Op-Op Fruit
Answer: D. Op-Op Fruit
While all of the fruits lifted above are indeed powerful, it is the Op-Op Fruit that is considered the ultimate prize. Not only does it grant control over every single thing in a given area, but can be used in a surgical manner to cure any and all ailments and perform operations (even on the user). The user also has the ability to grant one person eternal life (at the cost of their own of course). To quote Donquixote Doflamingo, “That if wielded by someone of true brilliance, the Ope Ope no Mi has the power to fulfill one of humanity’s oldest dreams. Those who call it the ultimate Devil Fruit are not few.”

2 What is the Will of “D”?
Gold Rogers’ plan to take over the world.
Destruction brought on by the age of pirates.
No one knows.
A myth.
Answer: C. No one knows.
While there is a lot of speculation surrounding the Will of “D” nobody truly knows what it is. What is known is that people who have the initial tend to be very powerful and have the fates of many tied to them.

3 How many people have the initial “D.”?
Answer: B. 9
So far, only nine characters in One Piece have been shown to have the “D.” initial. This group includes the likes of Monkey D. Luffy, Gol D. Roger, Portgas D. Ace, and even Blackbeard who’s real name is Marshall D. Teach.

4 How many brothers does Luffy have?
Answer: B. 2
While the answer is technically zero since he has no biological siblings (at least none that have been revealed yet) don’t let Luffy hear you say that. When he was a child, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo shared a cup of sake to become brothers and the entire world views them as brothers. They are easily the most dangerous trio of siblings to sail the seas.

5 Most fans know that Luffy got his iconic straw hat from Red Hair Shanks, but where did shanks get the hat from?
Buggy the Clown
His parents
Gol D. Roger
Monkey D. Garp
Answer: C. Gol D. Roger
The first person to sail the seas in that bright straw hat was none other than the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger. Shanks obtained it during Roger’s execution. He then passed it on to Luffy to kick off the next generation of pirates.

6 Who is Cutty Flam?
The best shipwright in the world
A notorious criminal.
All of the above.
Answer. D. All of the above.
Franky, the lovable cyborg shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates, was originally named Cutty Flam where he worked as a student of Tom, one of the best shipwrights to ever build a boat. After a series of unfortunate events, he was asked to change his name so he can go into hiding. It is then that he became Franky and ruled the underworld of Water 7 before being recruited by Luffy.

7 Fire Fist Ace is the son of Portgas D. Rouge. It is known that she did not have a normal pregnancy, but how long did it last?
20 Months
12 Months
5 Months
3 Years
Answer: A. 20 Months
It was known that Gol D. Roger, Ace’s father, had a child on the way, so the Marines went looking for the mother so that they could take the child. They knew the time period the child should have been born in, so to prevent the military taking her son Rouge did her best to prolong her pregnancy. She gave birth to Ace 11 months after his due date.

Which member of the “Worst Generation” is not considered a Supernova?
Roronoa Zoro
Marshall D. Teach
Eustass Kidd
Jewelry Bonnie
Answer: B. Marshall D. Teach
8 The Supernovas refer to the 11 powerful rookies with ridiculously high bounties. Marshall D.Teach, better known as Blackbeard, is a Yonko (one of the four emperors of the sea) and is therefore considered to be in a different tier.

9 Why doesn’t anyone eat more than one Devil Fruit?
It cancels out their first power.
The taste is unbearable.
They’re just too rare.
They’ll die.
Answer: D. They’ll die.

10 True or False: Monkey D. Luffy has the highest bounty.
Answer: False.
While he has a respectable bounty of 500 Million Berries, it is Jack “the Drought” who holds the record for now. He has a bounty of 1 Billion Berries.

11 Monkey D. Luffy lost a chunk of his life during the Impel Down arc thanks to the healing process of Emporio Ivankov. Just how much did he lose?
20 years.
10 years.
5 years.
50 years.
Answer: B. 10 years.
We don’t know when exactly Luffy will die, but it will be 10 years before when it should’ve been.

12 True or False: Luffy is the most wanted man in the world thanks to his attacks on Celestial Dragons and his exploits with the Straw Hat Pirates.
Answer: False
It’s actually Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, that is the most wanted man in the world as he commands the Revolutionary Army.

13 True or False: Roronoa Zoro was always a pirate.
Answer: False
There’s a reason Zoro has the nickname “Pirate Hunter.” He used to be a bounty hunter who despised pirates until he was saved by a corrupt marine official by his now captain Monkey D. Luffy.

14 True or False: Ace believed his brother, Luffy, would become King of the Pirates.
Answer: False
While Ace loved his brother, he beleived that his captain, Whitebeard, was destined to become the King of the Pirates and swore to do whatever it took to make it happen.

15: True or False: The One Piece doesn’t actually exist and was just a catalyst to start a new pirate age.
Answer: False
Several members of Gol D. Rogers’ crew have confirmed the existence of the One Piece, although none have said what it is. Silvers Rayleigh was about to tell the Straw Hats what it was before being stopped by Luffy who didn’t want the surprise to be spoiled. It’s believed to be either great knowledge or something of immense personal value to Roger.

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